Our Philosophy

Meet our CEO, Bellagio Hatter 

Bellagio created Baby Booties Shoetique a little over 5 years ago. He wanted to create his own lane. He designed every pattern, color, and texture of each shoe. With the market for creative baby shoes outside of major retailers being small, Bellagio wanted to make a shoe fashionable for babies. Having 3 small children of his own he had the perfect foundation. Unfortunately, Bellagio is no longer here with us physically, but his spirit will live on forever. He put his all into his small business with the hopes of one day becoming the hottest brand for baby shoes and more. His legacy will continue, and his passion and dedication will not be in vain. Forever in our hearts, Mr.Booties. 



Quality shoes are essential in the early stages of your baby’s foot development. Learning to walk starts well before your little ones first steps. Booties takes pride in providing luxurious, durable, foot friendly fashionable baby shoes. Our shoes are perfect for capturing those precious moments in your littles first steps. So allow Baby Booties Shoetique to be there every step of the way!